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Tuesday, 23 July 2013 11:15

Video Game fight the cancer

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Cell-Slider-cell-culture-pcr-knockin-mouse-targatt-knockin-rat-pcr-premix-knockout-mouse-mice-virusCenter for Cancer in Britain hired a game studio to produce for them a computer game in which players will take on the role of doctors. It allows the audience to analyze in real time the actual and current scientific data and named Cell Slider.
From the center said that for the first three months' mobile researchers "analyzed data for scientific teams would take over 3 years.

The development of technology allowed the scientific world to identify many new causes of cancer - carcinogens and mutations. But the colossal amounts of data that are piling up faster than they can be analyzed, often significantly delayed the work of scientists. Problem with the data is that most computers have to be specifically programmed for each study, which creates a likelihood of mistakes and too slow for their needs. Because data can be analyzed by eye, they decided to turn it into a game.

According to the center's director - Dr. Joanna Reynolds, the accuracy with which the human brain is able to analyze the information in no way inferior to the analytical power of the computer, but while introducing faster software, a brain is more effective than a single processor .
Since it became available for free access on the Internet, Cell Slider scored over 350 000 players from around the world who have committed over 1,600,000 accurate analysis of the information forwarded in the form of game information.

And the principle of action is inspired by the program SETI @ home: a multinational enterprise to search for extraterrestrial life, receiving huge amounts of data from satellites and satellites of the planet and the Internet and sends them into small pieces and parcels of volunteers. These volunteers run the program on your computer, it automatically analyzes the data and a few minutes sent them back to ready the backup type.

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