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Friday, 11 October 2013 16:06

Gene Synthesis

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Gene synthesis is the most cost effective way to enhance your research. In as little as 2 weeks, you can have your Gene cloned in hand and 100% sequence guaranteed. And with Gentaur’s great pricing it can cost less to order a synthetic gene from us than to buy all the kits and reagents necessary to PCR, ligate, clone, grow, purify and sequence your gene of interest. If you like, our free codon optimization will increase protein expression rates and can enhance protein function. In addition our optimization can make previously un-clonable sections of DNA easy to work with. Send us your sequence, Gene ID or an accession number. Let us know what you need and we will deliver!

Gentaur also offers mutagenesis as well as cloning and subcloning services. Gentaur strives to provide the highest quality synthetic genes at a great price. Our goal is to always provide you with the best value for your research dollar.

With high throughput DNA synthesis facilities around the world, Gentaur’s daily capacity is unsurpassed. Gentaur is unrivalled in its ability to address the needs of our customers: Whether you need one gene, or one hundred. We respond to your needs–personally.


Features and Benefits

 100% Sequence Guarantee: Individual synthetic genes are confirmed by Sequencing
 Codon Optimization - Free of charge!: Complimentary codon optimization to enhance protein expression and function
 Value Pricing: The best value for your research dollar



Antibody Construction
Antibodies targeted toward specific diseases or targets can be codon optimized for maximum expression in the host organism. Also, an antibody library can be constructed to screen for the most efficient antibody variant.

Organism Production Optimization 
Optimize expression of genes related to resource production to maximize industrial biological production efficiency.

Gene Construction
Get difficult-to-clone DNA sequences easily and enhance the quality of your research by constructing hypothetical genes.

Protein Modification
Codon optimization can increase protein expression efficiency, and a mutant library derived from this process can yield proteins with increased function. Optimizations include secondary structure removal, and repeat reduction as well as organism optimizations.

Schematics of Gene Synthesis Process

GeneSynthesisService gentaur


Price:  0.25 euro/base

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