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Thursday, 17 April 2014 10:54

New enzyme makes the antibiotics more powerful

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antibioticsIn a boom for manufacturers of medicinal products has become a new enzyme acting as a specialized "wrench" in the structure of antibiotics.
In the so-called kiromisin scientists discern right tool for the creation of these drugs at the molecular level so that we treated more precisely.

Scientists from the University of North Carolina hope to modify this enzyme successfully synthesize stronger and more adaptable antibiotics based on natural compounds, which at the same time sparing the body more than the ones we use now.
As is known, they are quite harmful because it effectively destroyed the natural body mechanism which protects us from all disease - the immune system. And she could not fully recover by itself.

When you take antibiotics not only kill the "bad" but the good microbes, leaving the intestines almost completely exhausted the useful regulating the immune response to intestinal flora and therefore seriously compromised immune system as a whole.

The kiromisin can be created by natural and synthetic drugs to withdraw from the chemical laboratory. It is only factory producing the assembly shown by enzymes each of which performs its own specific function.
This process would give the medical ability to "stand" on nature in the creation of various drugs that will be cheaper, more efficient and at the same time protecting human health and the environment.

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