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Thursday, 04 September 2014 17:14

Will have more effective drugs with the help of a new molecule

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gentaur-lymphoma-inhibitor-peptide-e.coli-mapk-tissue-identify-cytokine-activated-lymphomaSwiss scientists have developed a new protein structure, which may improve the efficacy of drugs. New synthetic amino acid can be used to create entirely new drugs.
Development of new and effective drugs is a feat for many researchers. Until now, most drugs based on the basis of amino acid obtained naturally. These include insulin hormone, vancomycin and the like.
There are a variety of peptides and proteins, but only 20 different amino acids. They form a unique structure when they are "stacked" together. The synthetic structure created by the Swiss researcher is similar to that of cysteine ​​- sulfuric amino acid. Synthetic however is significantly more efficient.
Disease attack appear more and more people. It takes more effective drugs that can handle the increasing resistance. Like the natural chemical structures may create such a new and improved treatment of various diseases.

Cysteine ​​can form a bridge to the cysteine ​​amino acid found in it, thereby creating 3D structure. The new amino acid, however, can form two bridges, when coupled with other similar amino acid cysteine​​.
Laboratory tests revealed that the newly synthesized amino acid is eight times more efficient and fight disease by 40-fold higher speed in comparison with a naturally occurring amino acid cysteine.

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