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Friday, 12 September 2014 12:12

Achievement - two cured of Ebola

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Two Americans have been successfully cured of insidious infection with Ebola, says American media. Yesterday the hospital in Atlanta is written 33-year-old Dr. Kent harridan who was adopted there treatment after his stay in West Africa and insidious virus infection against which to date medicine lacked any effective therapy.
Physician Dr. Bruce Ribnar, infectious diseases specialist from Emory University Hospital informed the Center for Disease Control that the patient is successfully treated and can return to his family and his community without endangering public health.
Days ago was discharged and another patient who has entered into contact with the virus during missionary activity.
Immunoglobulin-repair-apoptosis-caspase-tlr-toll-histag-tag-flaExperts say that when they found no evidence for the presence of virus in their body.
At a special press conference Dr. harridan thanked especially the six doctors and 21 nurses for care during treatment in the hospital, and all that he had help to get experimental treatment and the thousands of others who are his courage.
Dr. harridan is infected with dangerous virus while working in Liberia, where he was sent as part of a team of hospital ELWA, medical care in distress by an epidemic of Ebola area. The same body which was sent to Dr. harridan, there is another 23 young doctors.
Infektsionistat Dr. Ribnar seek treatment for infection with Ebola forty years. According to him, it is unlikely that the young doctor falls ill again from the same strain of the virus in any of its meetings, as his body has developed immunity against it, but should not overlook the fact that there are other insidious strains of virus.
Dr. Ribnar said that the treatment used two experimental medicines but still can not decide about their effect, as this is one the first people on which they are tested. This treatment were subjected to three Liberian doctors reported an improvement in the condition. Adult, however, where the drug was applied ZMapp, has died.
The doctor advised when treating patients with Ebola to be approached individually. For recovered can be considered, patients whose blood tests showed no presence of the virus, at least 2-3 days after resolution of symptoms of the disease.
According to him, in patients may experience complete recovery, provided that no organ damage.
A happy cure have yet to recover their strength, while Dr. Ribnar plans to share the experience of the team in the management of dangerous disease. Some of this information in his words will be presented in specialized medical journals. First, however, new knowledge will get doctors who are trying to keep the epidemic of Ebola.

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