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Monday, 11 March 2013 15:01

TARGATT Knock-down Mouse

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Gene knock-down using short hairpin RNA (shRNA) to inhibit expression of the corresponding gene has been widely used in gene function studies, drug discovery, and disease research.  Our TARGATT Technology allows us to generate in vivo shRNA knock-down mouse models in 3 months.

In addition to our full service we also offer individual service options to generate your TARGATT shRNA knock-down mouse.

You can prepare the DNA using the TARGATT Kit and we do the pronuclear microinjection for you. Or we can prepare the DNA that you then inject after setting up your own TARGATT mouse colony.

Please contact us to discuss your project plan for your fast & site-specific TARGATT Knock-in Mouse or knock-down mouse services.

Features of TARGATT shRNA Knock-down Mouse Services:

  • - shRNA copy number is controlled.
  • - Site-specific insertion into high expression locus guarantees the expression of shRNA.
  • - shRNA expression can be regulated by a tissue-specific promoter.
  • - Founder mice can be generated within 3 months.
  • - Full service including shRNA design, construction, and validation is available.



Applied Stem Cell Inc.’s proprietary TARGATT Technology enables highly efficient site-specific gene integration in mammalian cells and animals. This technology uses PhiC31 integrase to insert any gene of interest into a specific docking site that was pre-engineered into an intergenic and transcriptionally active genomic locus. Our TARGATT Technology improves several aspects in the generation of transgenic cell lines and animals:

1. High integration efficiency mediated by  PhiC31 integrase reduces time and cost

2. Site-specific integration at a pre-selected genomic locus eliminates position effect and ensures high expression levels of the transgene

3. Integration at intergenic region ensures that no internal genes are interrupted

4. Single copy gene integration eliminates repeat-induced gene silencing and genomic instability

5. Site-specific integration allows a precise comparison of the effects of the transgenes among different lines.

TARGATT Technology can be utilized for a variety of applications including reporter gene expression, gene knockdown and disease models.


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