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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 10:14

Human heart is growing in lab

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heart-implant-gentaur-antibodiesResearchers in Spain have announced that they are closer to growing human hearts outside the body for transplant, said, "Wall Street Journal". Doctors now grown and transplanted a number of human bodies, including throat, ears, and lacrimal duct and artery. The goal now is to grow a human heart.

Researchers in Spain recalled that although the country's most donors of these bodies in the world, only 10 percent of patients in need receive a new heart. Dr. Francisco Fernandez-Aviles from the hospital in Madrid Gregorio Maranyon sure created in a laboratory version of the human heart will be ready within 5-6 years and after passing through strict regulation, will be grafted in ten years.

Dr. Doris Taylor, who raised a mouse heart in the laboratory at the University of Minnesota, said the goal is attainable. We opened the door and showed that this is not a product of science fiction and became a science, she said.

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